Several Fruiting trees and bushes are planted in and around the property.
These include:

Peach Trees

There are two Peach Trees behind the chicken coop. Last year, 2017, was the first year they actually produced. One is "NorthStar Peach." The other is "Reliance."

Peach Tree BUDS!!!!, April 24th 2018

Peach Tree blossoms!!!!, May 8th 2018

Tiny peaches!!! 2018

Apple Trees

There are three Apple Trees in the front lawn and two more in the raspberry hedge. They are about three years old and have not begun to produce yet in earnest.

Apple Trees, April 2018

May 2018

Apple Tree BUDS!!!!!!, April 24th 2018.

Apple Blossom May 8th 2018

Apple Blossom May 10th 2018

Apple Blossom May 8th 2018

Apple Blossom May 10th 2018

Apples!!!!! 2018

Raspberry Hedge

The raspberry hedge runs along the sidewalk, which is a popular, high volume jogging route into town. There are several varietals including, raspberries, blackberries, golden raspberries, etc. There are also two more apple trees within the raspberry brambles.

Raspberry Hedge, April 2018

Raspberry Hedge, May 2018

Raspberry BUD!!!!! April 24th 2018

Blueberry Bushes

There are two, well established blueberry bushes behind the chicken coop. Matty planted several more along the back fence this year as well.

Blueberry BUDS!!!!! April 24th 2018

This blueberry bush was hidden in the midst of the raspberry hedge. It is pretty much choked out, but managed to produce this one little bloom cluster. It seems bigger than the ones behind the chicken coop. High Bush, perhaps?

Indoor Citrus Trees

The Lemon and Lime trees are approximately four years old. We lost the orange tree last season. We suspect I over watered it. :( They will still go outside to sun in the summer weeks. Blossoms on these trees are pungent with lovely fragrance.

Citrus Blossom April 2018

Lime 2018


It looks like there are some sort of aphid webs or something on the fruit and leaves of these plants.




The citrus trees go outside for the warm summer months and do very well. It gives them a chance to really catch up on growth.

The Lemon, Lime and Orange trees are approximately three years old. They are placed out on the deck to sun in the summer weeks when they make significant progress. Otherwise, they sit in the picture window in the living room of this South facing house. Blossoms on these trees are pungent with lovely fragrance. They have just begun the produce fruit to maturity. so far, each tree has made about five or six fruits each.

Indoor Citrus Trees - 2017

Lemon Tree. This photo was taken in January 2017

Orange Tree.This photo was taken in January 2017

Lime Tree.This photo was taken in December 2017

The Lemon Tree is blossoming!!! They are amazingly fragranced!! We had a bit of a warm spell last week - I'm not sure how much the weather influences their growth because they are indoors.
March 2, 2017

Lemon Tree blossoms!!!
March 2, 2017

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