These are: Russet, Fingerling, All Red, Red Pontiac and Katahdin varietals.


There are five cranberry bushes that were planted last year. It looks like they survived the winter...


The entire "main plot upper" and half of the "lower main plot" is dedicated to potatoes and onions this year, with some small patches of greens in between.
The Lower secition of the "lower main plot," towards the fence at the rear property line, has been planted to tomatoes, peppers, celery, the malabar spinach and more.

Food Production

Kvas!! with Boris!!!

"Remove 'orrible theengs from leequid!" (*Russian Accent)

Mustard production from 2017 harvest!! - 2018

soak in white wine for several days, increasing volume as the winnowed mustard seeds absorb the liquid.
Process for ten minutes or so in a food processor with added salt and garlic to taste until the oils release and the mixture begins to turn its telltale yellow mustard color.

Ground dried corn kernals - corn meal from 2017 harvest - 2018

Weird bugs and things

Parsons spider - harmless and beneficial - 2018

This guy was found indoors, probably traveled in on Matty's jacket when he was splitting wood. February 2018. It was identified and released.

This poor guy was found all twisted up in dust bunnies in the basement. 2018

I rinsed him off and he was good to go..
March 2018 - It is still freezing at night.


FiddleHead Fern

Fireflies mating. :)

Violets are all over the lawn.

Creeping Charlie -or- Gill-over-the-ground (Glecoma hederacea), family Lamiaceae (Mint) - wild

Water Catchment


Malabar Spinach is a vining green that will climb up bean poles and provide spinach style green leaves all summer.

June 2018.


The Garlic patch is on the East side plot opened in 2017. It was planted in the fall 2017, and will be ready for harvest in July.

April 2018

We harvested the garlic scapes and made an amazing batch of pesto. June 23rd 2018


Strawberries have their own patch alongside the lower main plot, as well as interspersed throughout the stone wall.

The fork trick worked great for the few plants along the stone wall. But, For the strawberry patch, there are not enough forks available. The salt hay mulch helped a bit to keep the berries off the ground while they ripened, but I didn't get to it all. Bugs and worms did cause a lot of damage. The patch was also significantly impacted by birds and even a wild turkey that wandered into the yard.


Concord grapes are vined around the upper main plot garden. They are several years old and produce more grapes than we're able to use.

March 2018

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