Food Cultivation and Sustainable Agriculture

We try to do everything as mindfully and sustainably as possible.
Crops are rotated, coordinated with livestock and lain fallow in a cycle to optimize success.

1/4 Acre Micro-Farm

We are within walking distance to dowtown of a town with a population of 30,000 people. We are on the runner's route and have a high volume of foot traffic. However, we are right outside the city limits, so the inner city restrictions don't apply. The little farm is frequently visited by passersby stopping with their children to feed the animals or just enjoy the sights.

Garden Plots

There are five garden plots where crops are rotated. Every two years each plot has a fallow cycle where the garden is planted to rye grass. Even the "lawn" areas that double as grazing pasture for lambs every other year is planted to clover.

Other Gardens

Aside from the five gardens, there are several other areas where stuff grows. We have an herb garden, a strawberry patch, annuals planted along the stone wall, and a small patch in front of the stoop, ...

Other Gardens... continued

... hops that vine over the deck railings, a bucket garden on the deck, fruit trees and bushes everywhere, the grape vine that grows on the garden fencing, and strawberries and asparagus along the stone wall and property boarders, everywhere. Really, we just plant stuff everywhere and see what we can grow.

This image to the right is of the ever expanding strawberry patch. We have a neighborhood flock of wild turkeys that enjoy our strawberries.


Dill, mustard, tomatoes, pumpkins, oregano and sunflower pop up everywhere. They are "volunteers." They are occasionally inconvenient and get weeded. Sunflowers and pumpkins often sprout from the compost bin.


Each year we try something new. We got peanuts to grow, but they were pretty temperamental. Malabar spinach was a fun new thing to grow. It was beautiful to see, a leafy salad green that vined. The leaves were a little odd to eat, but growing them was fun.


Here's the thing about the photos. We have SO MANY! Part of this story is absolutely told in pictures. The farm is an effort of utility, but it's just so beautiful.

Image of Aerial view of the property with gardens labeled

Aerial view of the property

Check back in often.

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Image of dill plants gone to seed