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Granite State Poultry and Processing - 95 Spaulding St, Milford, NH 03055 | 603-554-5856
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Lambs are not an "every Year" project. They are staggered by years to minimize parasite issues.
They are relatively easy to manage.


We keep between 10 and 15 laying hens year round with a heat lamp in the coop, which is mucked out maybe every six weeks. The coop is also winterized with insulation, plastic to cut the wind, and bags of leaves stacked at the base. We have several different breeds in our coop. Americana lay green eggs, but there are any number of breed selections that have come and gone over the years.

We also raise 10 to 15 meat birds, twice per summer season, on off years staggered against lamb years. Meat chickens' duration is approximately 90 days. These are Cornish/Broiler cross breed, or "broiler hens" and are not sexed.


The duck hatchlings were mail ordered from Cackle Hatchery. They arrived in the first week of March and are not sexed - They are a natural mix of male/female.
* These are Cayuga ducks and are raised for meat and egg production.
* Noted feature is the iridescent beetle green color coming from the black feathers in the correct light.
* They are very active foragers and love to eat snails, slugs and other destructive insects.
* The Cayuga duck is calm and does not fly.

Be sure to check back in for baby ducks in kiddie pools!