Why Do We Do What We Do?

Minor Acres Farm is an exercise in sustainable agriculture and self-sufficiency. Our goal is to not only gain lived experience for ourselves, but to demonstrate successes and techniques as an example for anyone looking for real world knowledge.

Check out other local farms - if you have a favorite farm and you want to give them a backlink here, please let us know and we'll add them in!
Vernon Family Farm
Newfields, NH
Hampton, NH
Riverslea Farm
Epping, NH
Triple Moon Farm NH
Newmarket, NH
Brasen Hill Farm
Barrington, NH
McKenzie's Farm
Milton, NH


Chickens | Ducks | Lambs

Sustainable Practices

Salt Hay Mulch | Compost | Water Catchment | Solar Power | Wood Heating

Pest Management

Mite Treatments for Bees | Companion Planting | Pesticide Awareness | Household Pests


Vegetable crops for zone 5b

Food Prep

Canning | Storage | Smoking | Dehydrating | Recipes

Fruiting Trees & Bushes

Gorgeous Blossoms and Delicious Rewards

Herb Garden

"The herb garden should be planted right outside and therefore become an extension of the kitchen."


120 gallon pond with Tilapia stock, constant flow, floating raft using rock wool as substrate.


Container Gardening

Using containers is a convenient way for urban dwellers to have convenience and a beautiful garden in a small space.